Parental involvement in toddler’s education

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This book is based on the European funded project Towards Opportunities for Disadvantaged and Diverse Learners on the Early childhood Road (TODDLER)1 . This project brought together professionals from nine universities across eight countries; Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Romania and Spain to collaboratively work on the education and care of very young children. The project’s acronym TODDLER indicates that we are dealing with one to two years olds, as the English term toddler denotes “the young child that has recently learned to walk”.



This Teachers`s Guideline book is a result of the European TODDLER’s Project – “Towards Opportunities for Disadvantaged and Diverse Learners on The Early-childhood Road”. The team from Santarém, Portugal, was responsible for the subject: Parental engagement and involvement. The outcome of this part of the TODDLER project was:
– to identify “good working practices” with families and, support strategies and
parental involvement in formal and informal childcare;
– to create a Teacher’s guideline book to be used in the initial and continuing training of early childhood educators.

A rewiev of research and development was carried out in all partner countries. Interviews with parents were conducted, a liaison with local halth centres in Portugal was established and workshops were organized. The Teacher’s guideline book for reflexive practitioners is based on analysis of this material. We began our endeavour by framing the justifications (basis) and purposes of the project in order to introduce the work and some results obtained concerning the task assigned by the Portuguese team (High School of Education, Polytechnic Institute of Santarém – ESE/IPS).


Maria João Cardona

Professora Coordenadora de nomeação definitiva na Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico de Santarém (ESES), Departamento de Educação e Currículo; Presidente do Conselho Técnico Cientifico da ESES: Doutoramento em Ciências da Educação, Universidade de Caen, menção final de Trés Honorable avec félicitations du jury (2001) registado na Universidade do Minho (2002).
Maria João Cardona

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